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Completed PhD-theses

Barbara Bayer

"Ecophysiology of ammoniaoxidizing archaea in the oxygenated water column of the ocean"

Supervising faculty member: Gerhard J. Herndl
Lisa Noll

"Environmental controls of microbial organic nitrogen cycling in soils" 

Supervising faculty member: Andreas Richter
Sebastian Schneider

"The effect of symbiosomal membrane proteins on nitrogen fixation in Lotus japonicus"

Supervising faculty member: Stefanie Wienkoop
Reinhard Turetschek

"The interdependent effects of the pathogen Didymella pinodes and the symbionts rhizobia and mycorrhiza on Pisum sativum"

Supervising faculty member: Stefanie Wienkoop
Katharina Kitzinger

 "Metabolic Versatility of Nitrifiers Playing a Key Role in Global Nitrogen Cycling"

Supervising faculty member: Michael Wagner




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