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Kitzinger K, Marchant HK, Bristow LA, Herbold CW, Padilla CC, Kidane AT, Littmann S, Daims H, Pjevac P, Stewart FJ, Wagner M, Kuypers MMM. (20XX) Single cell analyses reveal contrasting life strategies of the two main nitrifiers in the ocean. Manuscript submitted to Nature Communications

Weber PM, Moessel F*, Paredes GF*, Viehboeck T, Fischer N, Bulgheresi S. (2019) Symbionts maintain their chromosome orientation toward their host through a bidimensional segregation mode. Current Biology, in revision. *These authors contributed equally.

Zheng Q, Hu Y, Zhang S, Noll L, Böckle T, Dietrich M, Herbold CW, Eichorst SA, Woebken DRichter A, Wanek W. (20XX) Soil multifunctionality is affected by the soil environment and by microbial community composition and diversity. Soil Biology and Biochemistry OA: CC BY-NC-ND



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Bayer B, Vojvoda J, Reinthaler T, Reyes C, Pinto M, Herndl GJ (2019). Nitrosopumilus adriaticus sp. nov. and Nitrosopumilus piranensis sp. nov., two ammonia-oxidizing archaea from the Adriatic Sea and members of the class Nitrososphaeria. Int J System Evol Microbiol 7:1892-1902. doi: 10.1099/ijsem.0.003360

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Kitzinger K, Padilla CC, Marchant HK, Hach PF, Herbold CW, Kidane AT, Könneke M, Littmann S, Mooshammer M, Niggemann J, Petrov S, Richter A, Stewart FJ, Wagner M, Kuypers MM, Bristow LA. (2019) Cyanate and urea are substrates for nitrification by Thaumarchaeota in the marine environment. Nature Microbiology 4(2): 234-243. doi.org/10.1038/s41564-018-0316-2 PMID: 30531977. Green OA

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Bayer B, Vojvoda J, Offre P, Alves RJE, Garcia JHL, Volland JM, Srivastava A, Schleper C, Herndl GJ. (2016) Physiological and genomic characterization of two novel marine thaumarchaeal strains indicates niche differentiation. ISME J 10(5): 1051–1063. doi.org/10.1038/ismej.2015.200 PMCID: PMC4839502. Hybrid OA

Chaturvedi P, Ghatak A, Weckwerth W (2016) Pollen proteomics: from stress physiology to developmental priming. Plant Reproduction 29(1-2): 119 doi.org/10.1007/s00497-016-0283-9



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