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Associated students of the DK+


The following PhD students participate in the educational measures and opportunities of the DK+:


Ecophysiology of ammonia-oxidizing archaea in the oxygenated water column of the ocean 

PI: Gerhard Herndl, PhD student: Barbara Bayer


Next-generation bioinformatics for genome-based diagnostics 

- PI: Thomas Rattei, PhD student: Patrick Hyden


Metabolic versatility of globally relevant nitrifiers 

PI: Michael Wagner, PhD student: Katharina Kitzinger


Microdiversity of uncultured Nitrospira 

- PI: Holger Daims, PhD student: Michael Lukumbuzya


Metabolism and Physiology of mesophilic and thermophilic Thaumarchaeota 

- PI: Christa Schleper, PhD student: Michael Melcher


Identifying the key players of N2 fixation in terrestrial ecosystems 

- PI: Dagmar Woebken, PhD student: Maximilian Nepel


Environmental controls of microbial organic nitrogen cycling in soils 

- PI: Wolfgang Wanek, PhD student: Lisa Noll


Molecular mechanisms of Deinococcus radiodurans survivability in outer space 

- PI: Wolfram Weckwerth & Tetyana Milojevic, PhD student: Emanuel Ott


Influences of Rhizobium symbiosis on N-metabolic processes during tungsten and molybdenum induced stress in Soybean – possible role in stress alleviation 

- PI: Stefanie Wienkoop, PhD student: Julian Preiner


Chromosome segregation in animal associated bacteria 

- PI: Silvia Bulgheresi, PhD student: Philipp Weber


The interdependent effects of the pathogen Didymella pinodes and the symbionts rhizobia and mycorrhiza on Pisum sativum 

- PI: Stefanie Wienkoop, PhD student: Reinhard Turetschek

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